USA Song of the Year contest 2012

USA Song of the Year contest 2012
Just announced 8th April 2013  the Country song "When I Get Over Today" written by John Hawkins which is currently with a publisher has reached the finals (top 5 position)  in the USA Song of the Year contest for 2012.
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So far John has had 6 different finalists in the UK International Song Writing Contest an instrumental in the finals of the Songdoor contest and 4 of his songs have featured in the Hotdisc European top 40. (Just a Dream, Christmas Is Coming, When You Play Love's Game and Take Your Time).

In total in 2012 18 of his songs received radio airplay in various countries including UK (including BBC), Sweden, Denmark, Netherlands, Germany, Finland, Austria, Belgium, Ireland as well as Australia, New Zealand, USA and Canada.

The Linda Pearce recording of "When You Play Love's Game" featured in the Joyce Ramgatie European top 40 radio plays chart reaching number 3 in the week 1 -7th January 2013.

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