"Sorrow" charity song

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June 2nd 2013
Sorrow goes up to number 10 on the European Hotdisc top 40 chart.

June 1st 2013
John Hawkins interviewed on BBC Essex about the charity song "Sorrow".

May 26th 2013
Highest climber again, Sorrow goes up to number 13.

May 19th 2013
Highest climber sorrow goes up to number 19.

May 12th 2013
"Sorrow" enters the European
Hotdisc chart at number 29.

Hear the song, vocals by Mike Willis, on the chart show on various radio stations including CMR Nashville or a sample at

The song was inspired by a TV news story about the famine in Africa as follows:

A nurse in one of the camps told of a lady who walked for days to the camp carrying her baby.
When she arrived at the camp she asked for help and the nurse went to help her.
Just as she arrived with the lady her baby died.
The nurse said both of them just cried what else could they do?

It is very hard to listen to that sort of story so I decided to write a song to try and help by raising some funds.
The song entitled “Sorrow” is to benefit the international children’s charity for Africa.

ALL sales profit will go to the charity.I hope you can consider buying it to ease the sorrow a little.

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