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Linda Pearce

Linda has a strong, warm, inspirational voice and has released a number of recordings including "You Build Me Up", Tears of Love and "In Him" and has performed all over the country and has travelled the UK ministering the gospel through song.

Linda has appeared at Glastonbury and has appeared on the same bill as Cliff Richard.

In 2010 she teamed up with songwriter John Hawkins to record a number of his songs resulting in the release of "Make Each Day Christmas Day" in October 2010" and "By The Way it's Linda Pearce" in November 2010 on the Avrio Records label.

In December 2012 she released a new EP of Christmas songs entitled "That Christmas Feeling".
The tracks are "That Christmas Feeling", If We Could" and the charity track "To End All Wars".

Releases by Linda Pearce