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For Germany Avrio Records has a LC code of 29840.

Avrio records features the songs and instrumentals of John Hawkins fresh from success & recognition in the 2010 UK International Songwriting Contest.


Avrio Music and Avrio Simera are the two house bands recording for Avrio Records.

The first album released on the Avrio Records label was “The Time Has Come for Avrio Music”, this was an album of instrumentals that had immediate success in countries including Finland spending 5 successful weeks in the download charts of www.meteli.net.

Chart Success

Avrio Music's second album release also achieved chart success.

Recording artist Linda Pearce, performing with Avrio Music, also achieved chart success with her first album “By The Way It's Linda Pearce”. This album consisted of 12 songs written by John Hawkins featuring easy listening, pop, country and rock songs.

Avrio Simera had success with their album “Till Now” and have a charity single called “One Day In Japan” with sales profit going to the Red Cross appeal for Japan.

International Songwriters Association

Their new album “Timeless” has been chosen by the International Songwriters Association as one of their top ten new releases in August 2011. The songs featured on this album are a compilation of John Hawkins' work.

Future plans include a Christmas collection album.

All songs can be purchased via download from itunes, amazon and many other download sites.

We are pleased to announce that the Rock/blues band the Stone Frogs have now signed to the Avrio Records label.

Their first album is the 7 track live album "Lonely Man" featuring the original songs of Bernard Karmios.

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